Christian Buckingham
Traveling artist, currently in Richmond, VA
14 years’ experience
Season 7 and 9 Veteran

Christian Buckingham comes from a conservative family of Air Force officers and always felt like the “black sheep” before he discovered tattooing. This season, Buckingham is back and is ready to tackle anything that the competition throws at him. Coming off the heels of an intense competition in Season 9, Buckingham’s shop made it to the final three, but was eliminated in the finale, unable to face-off in the master canvas challenge. Coming back after his shocking elimination, he is determined to lead his team to victory this time around. While his past “Ink Master” competitor is his rival once again this season, Buckingham feels he is ready to take home the title with the support his wife, children and grandchildren.


Cleen Rock One
Las Vegas, NV
Owner/Artist, Golden Skull Tattoo
22 years’ experience
Season 5, 7 and 9 Veteran

Once an Illinois shop owner and now one of the franchise’s most popular contenders, Cleen Rock One has had his fair share of tattoo experience. After a devastating loss in “Shop Wars” on Season 9, this multi-seasonal veteran is ready to finally take what is rightfully his. After being eliminated in Season 9 right before the finale, Cleen is back this season for revenge. Through his neo-traditional and new school approaches to ink, he has been able to gain the attention of viewers and judges alike. Thanks to his history with the show, Cleen has a leg up on the competition for Season 11 as he returns as a coach.



San Diego, CA

Owner, Left Hand Black Tattoo and Art Gallery

20 years’ experience

Flying high at 6 feet 9 inches, Turk is a presence in any room. A tattoo veteran of more than twenty years, he started tattooing at the age of 20. After growing up in a tough southern California neighborhood, Turk learned the importance of standing up for what you believe in. Not afraid to walk away from a job, his work is a testament to his strong values—never compromising in the face of adversity. Crediting his family, including a son with autism, as his main inspiration, Turk is ready to take his expertise to Ink Master where, he’s hoping, a win would change their lives for the better.

Amanda Boone

Nashville, TN

Traveling Tatooer/Artist, Hart and Huntington

6 years’ experience

Amanda Boone is who she is: a fun-loving, adrenaline-seeking, Bourbon-drinking girl

out to have a good time. A traveling artist who previously worked at shops in Ohio and Tennessee, Boone now drives the East Coast convention circuit in her conversion van. While her preference is neo-traditional, she’s confident she can pull off anything thrown at her with her signature solid line work and bold use of color. A strong personality, Boone plans on being a force to be reckoned with on and off the competition stage.


Angel Rose

Los Angeles, CA

Owner, private studio

2 years’ experience, 2 years apprenticed

Angel Rose isn’t like most 22 year olds. Having wanted to be a tattoo artist since she was 10 years old, she’s since become “addicted to work.” As the owner of a private studio, Rose’s clients seek her out based on her reputation for impeccable artistry. Her pieces have a story to tell as she aims to make people feel something through her attention to detail and composition. She knows everyone may write her off as an underdog because of her age, but this no nonsense firecracker has something to say to anyone who dares to question her worth.


Austin Rose

Portland, OR

Artist, Robot Piercing and Tattoo

10 years’ experience, 2.5 years apprenticed

Having made it through tough times in his life, Austin Rose has emerged a fighter – both on the MMA mat and in the tattoo studio. Behind all the trash talking is the heart and soul of a martial artist who wants nothing more than to win. Currently working at Portland’s Robot Piercing and Tattoo, people seek Rose out because he’s an artist with versatility. You want realism, traditional, neo-traditional, black and grey — whatever he does, he does it at the highest level.


Chris Shockley

Clementon, NJ

Artist, Empire Tatoo

6 years’ experience, 2 years’ apprenticed

Chris Shockley wants nothing to do with the other competitors. This lone wolf from Jersey is as independent as they come; accustomed to doing what he wants, when he wants – and good luck to anyone who stands in his way. After a brief detour into engineering in college, Shockley soon realized that he was better suited to other endeavors. No matter what tattooing challenge you throw at him — color, traditional or black and grey — every tattoo features his signature clean lines and bold texture. When it comes to being on Ink Master, Shockley is ready to do him and let his work speak for itself.


Desiree Mattivi

Denver, CO

Artist, Old Larimer Street Tattoo

5 years’ experience, 1 year apprenticed

Desiree Mattivi has wanted to become a tattoo artist since she was 11 years old. Having worked in street shops for most of her career, she considers herself a well-versed artist who can handle anything that walks through the door, butrefuses to give a bad tattoo. Mattivi is a self-proclaimed sleeper contestant and is determined to prove wrong the people who have put her down and rooted against her success. The cover of “Inked” magazine would be icing on the cake.


De’vonne Foxworth

Richmond, CA

Owner, private studio

5 years’ experience, 1 year apprenticed

With a childhood spent in the inner city, De’vonne Foxworth used art to help him navigate hardships and steer his path in life. It wasn’t until he spent time at a soul-sucking warehouse job that he decided to pursue tattooing for a living. There are two sides to his personality: the professional, personable artist who tattoos out of a private studio and the reckless, egotistical competitor who will stop at nothing to win. On the show he expects to be the talented threat with a loud mouth. Foxworth considers tattooing his “outlet for greatness” – and what better way to prove that greatness than in the competition?


Jamie Lee Parker

Los Angeles, CA

Artist, Hidden Los Angeles Tattoo

8 years’ experience, 1 year apprenticed

A former graphic designer, Jamie Lee Parker started getting tattooed by Mike DeVries and eventually was asked to apprentice for him. He continued to work with DeVries for the next 8 years. Having since switched shops he wants to establish a name for himself among color realism artists. Parker wants to win Ink Master to prove that he is a talented artist and to showcase his artwork to a larger audience. His unique “dark surrealism” style paired with his use of contrasting colors and bold designs makes him a cutthroat competitor. Parker is ready to cash his check and take home the title.


Jennifer Love

Milwaukee, WI

Artist, Sanctuary Tattoo Gallery

2 years’ experience, 6 months apprenticed

Jennifer Love grew up an introvert, watching anime and drawing fantasy portraits. Though she has since broken through her shyness, she never lost her love of drawing imaginative, surrealist images and prides herself on her quirky, “weird” style.  Almost three years ago, after being approached by a local shop owner, Love quit her corporate job and began her tattooing journey. Love has an incredibly unique style — she is known for using a rainbow of colors and blending animals with female faces, but is well versed in other styles as well. She’s ready to be aggressive in the competition and is confident that her unique style will bring something new to the table that Ink Master viewers won’t see coming.


Jess Cavazos

Corpus Christie, TX

Owner, Tattoo FX

8 years’ experience, self-taught

Jess Cavazos is big, bold and confident. The owner of his own company, Tattoo FX, Cavazos loves all things tattooing, sculpture, airbrushing, digital, painting and FX related. Known for his realism and portrait tattoos, Cavazos has made a name for himself with his bold color choices, attention to detail and artistic eye.

A regular at tattoo conventions (with 20 awards to his name), Cavazos loves competition and sees Ink Master as his next opportunity to show the world—and his opponents—what he’s got.



Boston, MA

Artist, Boston Tattoo Company

11 years’ experience, 2 years apprenticed

Jimmy Snaz is not afraid to be a villain. His previous battles with drug addiction have afforded him a new view on life, making him fearless, willing to take chances and do whatever it takes to succeed. He taught his brother Kyle to tattoo and if you ask him, his experience and well-rounded approach give him the upper hand over his younger brother this season. Having come up on the Boston graffiti scene, Snaz’s artistry transitioned seamlessly to tattooing. His bold images are readable from across the room and he’s created his own signature traditional/neo-traditional style. For Snaz — having put his addiction issues behind him — healthy competition is his new high. He can’t wait to walk in, stir the pot, come out on top, and be able to help pay off his mother’s house. Plus, competing against his little brother on national television is an added perk.


JP Roldan

Houston, TX

Co-Owner, Artist of Demon Ink Tattoo

9 years’ experience, self-taught

As an avid follower of the Ink Master franchise since day one, JP Roldan has his strategy down. He’ll do whatever he has to in order to win. At a young age, Roldan decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an artist. Before tattooing, he was an oil painter for eight years. He has established himself in Houston and now he’s ready for the world to know his name. Roldan has two children and he pushes himself to work hard for them. The possibility of winning Ink Master and making them proud is what drives him.



Baltimore, MD

Artist, Pinz & Needlez

9 years’ experience, self-taught

When Kasey Gonzalez, known as “Gonzo,” found out he was going to be a father at 19, he put all of his passion and focus into tattooing in order to build himself and his future son a better life. Now, at just 25 years old, Gonzo is happily married, a member of five professional teams, and tattooing at conventions around the world. While Gonzo prefers to tattoo black and grey surrealism, he is proficient in every style. His main motivation for competing on Ink Master is to be an inspiration to his son.


Kyle Mackenzie

Malden, MA

Visible Ink Tattoo

6 years’ experience, 2 years apprenticed

Kyle Mackenzie has paid his dues in the tattoo industry by having a formal apprenticeship for two years before becoming a full time artist five years ago. Growing up, Kyle had a passion for art, but none of his teachers in school saw any promise in him, often kicking him out of class for drawing. He has two daughters and though he’s only 25 years old, Mackenzie has grown up quickly and says that people are often surprised when they learn his age. His temper has gotten the best of him in the past, but on Ink Master, he wants his tattoos to speak for themselves. Mackenzie has a fire lit under him, fueling him to win the competition as an ultimate “f you” to everyone from his past who’s doubted him.


Matt Stebly

Ocean Springs, MS

Owner, Twisted Anchor Tattoo

9 years’ experience, 2 years apprenticed

Matt Stebly hails from an artistic dynasty in Mississippi, where his grandfather is the

namesake of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art. A creative all his life, tattooing became Stebly’s true calling and a way for him to bridge the gap between fine art and tattoos. As the owner of Twisted Anchor Tattoo in his hometown of Ocean Springs, Stebly is all about changing the perception of tattooing and tattoo artists. His designs are at home on skin or canvas (he does paintings with tattoo ink) and have a stylized feel. His Ink Master strategy is to let everyone else play themselves in the competition, leading him to be the last one standing at the end.


Oba Jackson

Newcastle, DE

Owner, Push Tattoos

2.5 years’ experience, 11 months apprenticed

Oba Jackson is who he is without apology. He is outspoken, supremely confident, and (when the situation calls for it) extremely petty.  An artist his entire life, Jackson also paints, draws and sculpts. He traded his artwork for tattoos at his local shop for years until the owner finally convinced him to work as an apprentice. He looks at tattooing as a way to extend his fine art background and is heavily influenced by classic and modern artists. His work as a graphic designer lends itself well to his signature styles – black and grey, portraits and ethnic tattoos. He’s adaptable and versatile, making him a threat in the competition. He knows that people are going to try and get inside his head but Jackson knows exactly who he is, what his strengths are, and what he needs to do to win.


Stacy Smith

Charlotte, NC

Owner, Tattoo Me Charlotte

10 years’ experience, 1 year apprenticed

She has blonde hair, a killer body and the nickname “Spacey Stacy,” but underestimate Stacy Smith at your own risk – this is one fierce artist. Used to being written off in the industry, Smith has put her head down and worked hard to establish herself. Ten years after first picking up a needle, she owns her own shop, was voted one of the top 10 tattoo artists in Charlotte, and has a signature watercolor/boho vibe style that is all her own. All of her pieces are custom, playing with tonal values and hues, resulting in what looks like a painting on the skin. She’s ready to make some “TV money” and put her shop on the map by taking the Ink Master crown.


Teej Poole

Mebane, NC

Owner, private studio

7 years’ experience, self-taught

Teej Poole is ready to take home the “W.” He believes that second place is tied for last and the sole purpose of being on Ink Master is to take home the title. Poole has always been artistic and majored in Visual Arts and Design in college. He pays close attention to detail and has clean lines in all of his tattoos. While his specialty is black and grey photorealism, Poole wants to prove that he is a well-rounded artist. Growing up without a father figure, Poole’s family means everything to him and winning the $100,000 would change their lives for the better. This family man with southern swag is ready to show up and show out for North Carolina!


Tiara Gordon

Lockport, NY

Artist, Ink and Style

14 years’ experience, 2 months apprenticed

Tiara Gordon knows how to take care of herself and the competition. She’s been in the game for 14 years and prides herself on her efficiency, focus and ability to crush a custom design. Tiara’s known at Ink and Style for being able to do everything: new school, color, neo-traditional, black and grey, realism… the list goes on. Winning Ink Master would be the icing on the cake of Tiara’s success story and a middle finger to those who think women tattoo artists can’t hold their own.


Tiffer Wright

Dallas, TX

Owner, Folklore Trading Co.

11 years’ experience, 2 years apprenticed

Growing up in a racing family, it’s clear that competition is in Tiffer Wright’s blood. He

himself raced motocross growing up, turned professional at 18 years old and then raced AMA Supercross for five years. Wanting a change of pace, Wright decided to do a tattoo apprenticeship in his small hometown of Lubbock, Texas. After five years Wright burnt out and left the tattoo business to go to college to study radiology, but after a friend stepped in, he decided to try and pursue his passion again. Wright is now the owner and full-time artist at Folklore Trading Co. in Dallas. He’s known as the “Cat Daddy” because he does a lot of cat tattoos, but is well versed in all areas of tattooing. Winning Ink Master would mean giving tattooing one last shot was not in vein, and would show his son that if you work hard it pays off!


Tim Stafford

Austin, TX

Artist, Pigment Tattoo and Lazer Removal

5 years’ experience, 1.5 years apprenticed

When Tim Stafford walks into a room, people notice. Primarily a new-school artist, but confident in his all-around skill, if his composition or artwork is attacked, he’ll be sure to defend his work. He puts thought into every detail of his tattoos and won’t let anyone try to tell him otherwise. Although Stafford’s only been tattooing for five years, he has already made a name for himself in the tattoo industry and does guest spots at some of the most popular shops in the US. Stafford wants to continue to put himself out there, dominate the tattoo industry and show everyone what he’s made of – and winning Ink Master is the perfect way to do all of that.


Tony Medellin

Reno, NV

Artist, Lasting Dose Tattoo

15 years’ experience, 2 years apprenticed

Tony Medellin could tattoo before he could drive – which is why he’s so outspoken about his

talent. He had a rough childhood and the fact that he bought a home with the money he earned from tattooing, and can act as a role model to his younger brother is all the motivation he needs to keep going. An artist at Lasting Dose Tattoo in Reno, NV, Medellin is one of the Reno tattoo scene’s darlings. From various first place convention awards to being named the best tattoo artist in northern Nevada, his work is both aesthetically pleasing and built to last, which is why he’s sought out for everything from traditional to neo-traditional, Japanese, and even black and grey. Medellin refuses to be a one-trick pony or to do anything without a plan. Anyone who knows him knows that he’s as straightforward as they come; Medellin will either be your most loyal ally or your fiercest enemy depending on how you treat him. If you bite, he won’t hesitate to bite back. Having worked hard from the time he was 16 to make a name for himself in the industry, Medellin’s going to protect his art and reputation at all costs.