Paramount Network FAQ

When are new episodes added?
New episodes are made available online and on the app the day after they air on TV.

How do I turn closed captioning on or off? And how can I change the caption display?
Select the "CC" button in the bottom corner of the video to control closed captioning.

Will I need to log in with my TV provider to watch Paramount Network shows?
Some episodes and show extras will be made publicly available, but for full access, you will need to log in with your TV provider.

My TV provider isn't listed.
We are always working to partner with more providers. Check back to see if your TV provider is added in the future.

My TV provider sign-in didn't work.
Use the same username and password that you would use to log in to your TV provider. If your sign-in does not work, contact your TV provider for a password reminder or reset. If you are still experiencing an issue, contact us at

Why was I signed in to the Paramount Network app automatically?
We use the same authentication service as some other TV apps. If you're logged in through another TV app, you may be logged in automatically to the Paramount Network app.

Why am I being asked to sign in again?
Your TV provider may ask you to verify your sign-in periodically.

Video is still buffering. What can I do?
Update your browser or the Paramount Network app to the most recent version for best performance. If you're browsing on a phone or tablet, make sure that you have a strong wireless connection or strong signal from your mobile service provider.

Where can I watch full episodes?
Full episodes are available on web, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Roku. Download our free Paramount Network apps to watch across all devices.

Why aren't more episodes of my favorite show available?
Based on rights and syndication deals, some episodes and seasons may not always be available. The most recent season is usually made available in full shortly before the new season premiere.

Are full episodes available digitally outside the U.S.?
Full episode streaming is available in the United States and US territories only.

How can I get technical support?
Contact us at Tell us the device and browser or app version you were using when you experienced the problem.