13 Things We Learned From The Season 4 Premiere #TafferTalk

Can you put raw egg in a cocktail? Should bar employees date? Jon Taffer took to Twitter last night to answer all of our questions, and it did not disappoint.

October 6, 2014

In what is becoming quite a popular use of social media, Jon Taffer took to Twitter last night during the season premiere of Bar Rescue for yet another #TafferTalk. In case you missed it, you can watch the premiere and more episodes of Bar Rescue in our app.

Should employees date? Can you put raw egg in a cocktail? What should we expect from the rest of this season? Your answers are directly below.

1: Want more women to frequent your bar? Taffer recommends boneless wings.

2: He watches Bar Rescue, but only if he's not too busy filming!

3: Canada? Hey, why not!

4: You know you want this t-shirt.

Link to get this t-shirt

5: "How do I get into a stress test??"

6: The owners at the Artful Dodger weren't great, but they weren't even close to the worst. (Plus, they drank bugs.)

7: Taffer is all about the fans.


9: Where will Season 4 take Jon Taffer and his team?

10: Bar Rescue is NEVER staged. Everything on screen is completely organic and in-the-moment.

11: Despite popular opinion, there actually has been a good stress test.

12: Raw eggs in a cocktail is possible, if mixed by a trained professional. (DO NOT try this at home.)

13: Season 4 has some more shocks for us, so stay tuned…