Top 5 Ink Master Tattoos On Instagram

It all began with eighteen tattoo artists; masters and apprentices, from across the country. Now it's all down to the final three as they ink away designs chosen by you, right now live.

October 12, 2015

Instagram has become tattoo heaven, and for the artists on Ink Master that means a lot of love for their painstakingly-inked tattoos. Sure, sometimes Dave, Chris, and Oliver can dish out some heart-breaking critiques, but they aren't the only critiques this season – the fans had their say too, online.

We've picked out some of the top favorites that the fans went gaga over on Instagram and present them now to you in all their glory.

5. Chris Blinston's Color Portrait Tattoo


@chrisblinstontattoo killed it with this color portrait. #InkMaster

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4. Craig Foster's Trash Polka Tattoo

3. Chris Blinston's Anatomical Heart Morph Tattoo


@chrisblinstontattoo's anatomical heart morphing into a grenade is an amazing, beautiful tattoo. #InkMaster

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2. Tyler Nolan's Fine Art Tattoo


@tylernolantattoos did an amazing job translating The Scream painting into a tattoo. #InkMaster

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1. Duffy Fortner's Victorian Throat Tattoo


This beautiful Victorian tattoo by @DuffyFortner was the best this week in the eyes of the judges. #InkMaster

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Now that you've seen the absolute best Ink Master tattoos on Instagram, you've got only one more thing to do: tune in to the season finale live on October 13 at 10/9c!