Post-Show Recap: The Piratz Strike Back

It ain't over 'til the piratz sing. Check out the YouTube 'revenge' Piratz Tavern took against Bar Rescue, and see Jon Taffer's thoughts on their post-show shenanigans.

July 29, 2012
The opener of Bar Rescue's sophomore season featured Jon Taffer and his team of experts fixing up Piratz Tavern, a debt-ridden, pirate-themed bar in Silver Spring, Md.

In perhaps the most unusual ending of any Rescue story so far, the 'piratz' of Piratz Tavern immediately dismantled the work Jon Taffer did on their bar -- and posted their vengeful actions for the public to see in the form of a music video on YouTube. In it, they set fire to the sign of the newly-christened Corporate Bar and Grill, all the while singing an original, strongly-worded shanty. Watch the video below:


We spoke to Jon Taffer to get his take on the controversy. Check out what he had to say:

What's your take on the episode? Do you side with Jon, or on the side of the Piratz? Let us know what you think in comments.