12 Things We Learned From The 'Re-Rescue' #TafferTalk

What really happened at Second Base? Was This The Worst Rescue Ever? Does Taffer have any side jobs? Find out right here.

February 9, 2015

Jon Taffer took to Twitter last night to answer questions during a brand new episode of Bar Rescue. This was the first time Taffer returned to a bar that he'd previously rescued, so most of the questions centered around that. We also get a taste of what he does on the side and what, if any, books he plans to release. Enjoy!

1: Reckless ownership is why Second Base failed after the first rescue, and why it will continue to fail until Terry changes his ways.

2: If you have good intentions and a formidable work ethic, Taffer will try to save your bar (in spite of your incompetent boss).

3: See what Taffer did here?

4: Rescuing a bar is one thing, rescuing owners from self-destructive habits can prove to be much more difficult.

5: O-Face: still the worst. Ever. #walkout

6: Do NOT mess with a member of Taffer's crew.

7: Owner Terry was beyond rescue, and wasted everybody’s time right from the beginning. This explains why he wouldn’t front his own money.

8: Jon is a tremendously talented public speaker. A quick internet search will prove that he’s been using words to motivate and empower for years.

9: Terry isn’t even the majority owner of his second bar.

10: Boom Roasted, Terry

11: Taffer said that he would advocate for the staff at Second Base to get new employment elsewhere. Let’s hope they can get out of that place!

12: Look forward to getting your copy the Bar Rescue cocktail book!