Tweet with Ton During ‘Ink Master’ Tuesday at 10/9c

Calling all "Auction Hunters" fans! Tweet with the one and only Ton Jones this Tuesday when the tattoo buff taking on a role as an "Ink Master" guest judge.

January 20, 2012

Calling all "Auction Hunters" fans! Here's your chance to tweet with the one and only Ton Jones.

This Tuesday's all-new episode of "Ink Master" features "Auction Hunters"' resident tattoo buff taking on a role as guest judge… and a surprise role as human canvas when Shane O'Neill's client is disqualified.

Want to get behind-the-scenes info on the episode, or just want to know Ton's tattoo likes and dislikes? Follow @Tonsrescue on Twitter and ask him questions using #InkMaster all throughout the east coast premiere of the episode, Tuesday at 10/9c. As always, don't forget to follow @SPIKE_TV on Twitter for the latest on all of your favorite Spike shows.

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