11 Things We Learned From The 'Back To The Bar' #TafferTalk

Who makes Taffer's jackets? How many bars has he owned? Is One-Eyed Mike from Piratz a good guy? Find out all that and more right here.

April 6, 2015

Jon Taffer took to Twitter last night to answer questions during a special episode of Bar Rescue. We were afforded a special look at his wardrobe, his previous businesses and where he stands with One-Eyed Mike from Piratz. Enjoy.

1: Jon Taffer has the same tailor as the President of the United States. Look it up.

2: Taffer has owned north of 20 bars.

3: Is it possible that we haven’t seen the worst bar yet? Let’s hope so.

4: Nothing is staged. EVER!

5: Taffer in international, obviously.

@JeffWagar Yes....all over Canada

— Jon Taffer (@jontaffer) April 6, 2015

6: Sometimes, everybody’s gotta go.

7: Extremes was just as bad as O-Face, which Taffer walked out of.

8: Piratz Tavern was awful, but One-Eyed Mike was A-OK.

9: Speaking of Piratz, they never stood a chance once they abandoned Taffer’s concept.

10: Pre-mixed drinks + backpacks = #TafferApproved

11: Two words: “Taffer Tornado”