Five Celebs Who Need To Be Rescued From The Bar

In honor of Spike's new show <em>Bar Rescue</em> airing <strong>Sundays at 10/9c</strong>, we decided we'd take a look at a few celebrities (like, ahem, Lindsay Lohan) who we think could use some rescuing from the bar.

July 12, 2011
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In a frank interview with GQ UK, "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe recently admitted that he quit drinking cold turkey because of a personal struggle with alcoholism. Inspired by this, and in honor of Spike's new show Bar Rescue (which airs Sundays at 10/9c), we decided we'd take a look at a few other celebrities who we think could follow in Daniel's noble footsteps -- and rescue themselves from the bar.

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1. Lindsay Lohan

Maintaining one's position as Hollywood's no. 1 party girl ain't always easy on the liver -- or on the rap sheet. At this point, Lindsay Lohan's legal troubles sadly precede her, and it seems that all of the time she's served on alcohol-related charges seems to have finally taken a toll. She recently told Vanity Fair: "Unless you're a killer, I don't see a reason to stay . I never hurt anyone but myself." Here's a simple solution: Stay away from the club, and you'll steer clear of the can.

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2. Rick Springfield

Neither Jessie's Girl nor your mom would approve of Rick Springfield's recent brush with the law: The rock star blew a 0.10 percent blood alcohol content -- 0.02 percent over the legal limit -- after being pulled over in his 1963 Corvette on Pacific Coast Highway in May. And yet, he pleaded not guilty to the charge. That's a dreadfully nice car to be putting on the line, Rick, if you ask us. Not to mention the cargo inside.

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3. Estella Warren

Absent from the collective awareness of late (though she made live on in your dreams), "Planet of the Apes" actress Estella Warren recently re-entered the spotlight when she was charged with four counts related to an alleged DUI, hit and run, battery and resisting arrest. We hear she's entered treatment, however, so hopefully this mean's she's putting her best (alcohol detection bracelet-accessorized) foot forward.

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4. (Nicolas Cage's son) Weston Cage & Nikki Williams

Being the son of this guy can't be easy on the psyche. All kidding aside, nothing excuses Weston Cage's recent drunken, erratic behavior, and worse, the drunken behavior of that of his pregnant wife, Nikki Williams. Just days after getting out of rehab, the two were booked on domestic violence charges, and Weston took to Facebook, no less, to later rant about his wife. In the interest of the future heir to the Cage throne, we beg of those two to get some (more) help.

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5. John Galliano

On booze-soaked Paris evening last February, the designer launched into an on-camera anti-Semitic tirade, which not-so-surprisingly led to his dismissal at Christian Dior (as well as immortality on YouTube). Also not so surprising: he blamed it on the alcohol. The jury's still out for many on whether he should ever be forgiven, but he might as well sober up in the meantime -- and take some religious sensitivity classes with Mel Gibson.