America Decides: Vote Now For The Ink Master Season 9 Finalist!

The fate of these talented tattoo shops is in your hands, America. Who will you help make it to the top two?

September 24, 2017

This season, fourteen shops made up of twenty eight artists have all come and gone, and now Basilica Tattoo, Black Cobra Tattoo, and Old Town Ink have reached the end of the race. From fierce flash challenges to electrifying elimination tattoos, the competition reached new heights this season.

America, you chose which artists from each shop had to tattoo, now decide on which shop deserves to make it to the final two. Vote for your favorite shop right now and make your voice heard! Will it be Basilica, Black Cobra, or Old Town Ink?

No matter what coast you're on, download the SPIKE App right now and sign in with your TV provider to watch the east coast feed of the Live Finale!

Voting Rules

Vote for Basilica's live tattoo by using #Basilica on Twitter

Vote for Black Cobra's live tattoo by using #BlackCobra on Twitter

Vote for Old Town Ink's live tattoo by using #OldTownInk on Twitter