12 Things We Learned From #TafferTalk 3.0

Jon Taffer took to Twitter during last night's season finale of Bar Rescue. Here are some things that you might not have know about our resident bar master.

May 12, 2014

Jon Taffer took to twitter during the season finale of Bar Rescue to directly answer fan's questions about bars, life, drinks, and wings. During this third edition of #TafferTalk, we learned a whole lot about Mr. Taffer that we didn't know before. Scroll on through to learn some more about your favorite television host. Also, #TafferTalk was the #2 trend in the country last night. Read on:

1: He's filming a new season of Bar Rescue this summer.

2: …and season 4 is coming this fall.

3: He's a consummate pro.

4: O-Face Bar was completely, utterly unrescuable.

5: All too often, business and family just don't mix.

6: He seems to be happy that this Big Cat fellow left his clothes on.

7: Endangering the welfare of bar patrons outrages him. (You might know this already)

8: 20 new episodes!


10: His favorite bar? The one in his house, of course. He's also making a bar for Maria Menounos, so there's that.

11: His favorite bar food is wings. Perhaps, at his own bar, in his house.

12: The hug at the end makes all of the hard work worth it.