10 New Things We Learned From This Week's #TafferTalk

Jon Taffer answers your burning questions about last week's #TafferWalks, and special guests Maria Menounos and her fiancee Keven Undergaro weigh-in about their recon mission.

March 31, 2014

Photo: Jon Taffer via Photo: Jon Taffer via Instagram

Jon Taffer took to Twitter during the new episode of “Bar Rescue” to directly answer fan’s burning questions about O’Face Bar, life, and things that make his blood boil. This week, he was also joined by special guests and avid “Bar Rescue” fans Maria Menounos and her fiancée Keven Undergaro. During this latest edition of #TafferTalk, we gained some keen insight into the world of Taffer. Scroll for this week’s Q&A with your favorite TV host, and then hear about Maria and Keven’s stint as undercover recon agents.

Jon’s biggest pet peeve is a dirty bar.

He doesn’t know what became of O’Face Bar.

He wants to enlist the help of his friends for future rescues.

He credits his mom for his awesomeness.

He spent about 90 minutes waiting for O’Face Bar employees to stop fighting with one another on training day -- and that wasn’t the only time.

He always does his best, even in the face of a tough challenge.

He is truly unflappable.