Episode 4 • 10/10/2005
Your Dismissive Attitude Towards Boobs
Alan lets Berta move in for a few days, and Berta takes the opportunity to pit the brothers against each other.
Episode 7 • 11/07/2005
Sleep Tight, Puddin' Pop
After getting drunk and waking up next to Rose, Charlie gets a surprise visit from Rose's father.
Episode 8 • 11/14/2005
That Voodoo That I Do
After Charlie's romantic overtures towards Mia (Emmanuel Vaugier), an attractive ballet teacher, are rejected,Charlie cons Jake into taking her ballet class so he can get close to her. Charlie's plan is derailed when Jakedevelops a crush on her.
Episode 1 • 12/26/2017
Weekend in Bangkok with Two Olympic Gymnasts
When Alan is hurt in an accident, Charlie volunteers to take care of Jake for the weekend.