The Election Effect
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Episode 4 • 05/17/2018
The Election Effect - Noah and Brandon
A gay couple in Southern Pines, NC, talks about being bullied and fighting homophobia through their school's Gay-Straight Alliance.
Episode 1 • 05/10/2018
The Election Effect - Anmol
A Concord Academy student talks about the ramifications Donald Trump's election has had on her ethnic neighborhood and her boarding school.
Episode 2 • 05/10/2018
The Election Effect - Hebh
A young Palestinian activist living in the Bronx, NY, fights back against anti-Muslim sentiment and racism before and after Donald Trump's election.
Episode 3 • 05/10/2018
The Election Effect - Wesley
After the 2016 election, students at Hume-Fogg, a diverse Tennessee school for people of different backgrounds, learn from the editor of the student newspaper.
about The Election Effect
The 2016 election was unlike any we’ve seen in modern history. In its wake, a group of award-winning documentarians set out to chronicle what the results meant to students around the country. The result: The Election Effect, a five-part short documentary series that showcases life for the next generation of voters.