Explore the different styles of tattooing, what makes them unique and the artistry it takes to execute them.
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Episode 1 • 05/02/2017
The Art of Ink: Japanese
Japanese tattoos tell the stories of Japan: historical samurai, folklore, legends, and religion. To artists like Taki Kitamura, Luke Stewart, and Horitomo, it’s a conduit for Japanese culture and tradition.
Episode 2 • 05/04/2017
The Art of Ink: New School
Heavy outlines, exaggerated perspectives, vivid colors, and simply powerful imagery. Artists Timmy B, Lindsay Baker, and Adam Aguas will show you just how bold new school tattooing really is.
Episode 3 • 05/09/2017
The Art of Ink: Biomechanical
Biomechanical tattoos give life to the human form, and artists Paul Booth, Marco Velasquez, and Jeff Croci will demonstrate just how.
Episode 4 • 05/11/2017
The Art of Ink: Watercolor
Watercolor caught on because it is bright and beautiful, – and that’s how artists Amanda Wachob, Gene Coffey, Thea Duskin, and June Jung fell in love with it.
Episode 5 • 05/16/2017
The Art of Ink: Neo Traditional
Todd Noble and Joe Friedman help us uncover Neo Traditional; a new art form that lets go of confining rules and embraces the limitless possibilities of tattooing.
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about The Art of Ink Season 1
This digital series tells the stories of tattoos, exploring the different individual styles of tattooing, what makes them unique, and the artistry it takes to execute them.