Hugh, Larry, and Rachel are three comedians (with very famous friends) still waiting for their big break. They're the Nobodies.
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Episode 12 • 06/21/2017
Bring Out The Champagne
With “Mr. First Lady” greenlit, Larry, Rachel and Hugh might finally get their chance to celebrate.
Episode 11 • 06/14/2017
Paul's Muse
Larry, Rachel and Hugh are thrilled to finally meet the acclaimed comedy film director Paul Skidmore, but horrified when he brings along his muse: Melissa McCarthy.
Episode 10 • 05/31/2017
The Pledge
Larry, Rachel and Hugh perform improv at the Groundlings Theatre… but not everyone in the audience is laughing.
Episode 9 • 05/24/2017
Devil In A Red Dress
Larry, Rachel and Hugh, at their most fractured, turn to another writing team for help: fellow Groundlings alums Jim Rash and Nat Faxon.
Episode 8 • 05/17/2017
The Gilded Cage
Hugh’s romance with Sam heats up, which annoys Rachel but intrigues Larry, when he discovers that Sam is a successful film producer.
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