Celebrities battle for the belt with epic lip sync performances. Hosted by LL Cool J, with colorful commentary by Chrissy Teigen.
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Episode 1 • 09/11/2016
Lip Sync Battle All-Stars: LIVE
Michael Phelps & special guests join LSB All-Stars John Legend, Terry Crews, & Olivia Munn in this unprecedented television event.
Episode 1 • 10/12/2016
Sir Ben Kingsley vs. John Cho
Screen icon Sir Ben Kingsley takes on the extremely talented John Cho in the premiere of LSB Season 3.
Episode 2 • 10/19/2016
America Ferrera vs. Amber Tamblyn
Two insanely talented actresses that shared the screen in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" duke it out in an action-packed episode of LSB.
Episode 3 • 10/26/2016
Laverne Cox vs. Samira Wiley
"Orange is the New Black" co-stars Laverne Cox and Samira Wiley hold nothing back in the LSB arena. They both put forth exceptional performances, and even welcome some very special guests...
Episode 4 • 11/02/2016
Lupita Nyong'o vs. Regina Hall
Two incredibly talented actresses step into the LSB Arena for an action-packed competition, but only one will emerge with the championship belt. Who will it be? Find out right here, right now.
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