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Episode 5 • 05/14/2018
Mama's Boy
As John Cameron tries to link Ed Edwards to the murders of Laci Peterson and The Black Dahlia, Wayne Wolfe grows increasingly skeptical of the investigation.
Episode 04 • 05/07/2018
A Double Life
John Cameron examines the gulf between Ed Edwards's public persona and his secret life as a killer, which may have included the murder of union leader Jimmy Hoffa.
Episode 3 • 04/30/2018
Child Killer
John Cameron has a theory that Edwards was capable of killing children, including the child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey and the Atlanta Child killer.
Episode 2 • 04/23/2018
Slaves In The After Life
Wayne and John head to San Francisco where they examine Edwards involvement in one of the most chilling unsolved cases in American history – the Zodiac murders. Wayne visits his relatives to find out more about his grandfather.
Episode 1 • 04/16/2018
The Killer Gene
Wayne Wolfe Jr. discovers his grandfather was the serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards and teams up with retired detective John Cameron. They examine Edwards as a suspect in various murder cases including The Zodiac, JonBenet Ramsey and many more.
about It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards
In this true-crime docuseries, veteran detective John Cameron investigates convicted serial killer Ed Edwards and uncovers mounting evidence that connects Edwards to some of the most infamous murder cases of the last 60 years, many of which are still unsolved. Cameron is joined by Edwards's own grandson, Wayne Wolfe, as they search for the truth.