Three of the most skilled Ink Master winners return for a new season. But this time, they won’t battle alone.
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Episode 1 • 01/17/2012
Fresh Meat
Ten top tattoo artists tackle extreme challenges on human canvases for a shot at a $100,000 prize.
Episode 2 • 01/24/2012
Botched Head Tattoo
A head tattoo becomes a medical emergency. Guest judge Ton Jones helps eliminate a second artist.
Episode 3 • 01/31/2012
Pasties and A Cameltoe
Artists ink naked female canvases as part of a shading challenge. Words get tense between Al and Bili.
Episode 4 • 02/07/2012
Ink Disaster Piece
Photo realism tattoos turn disastrous. Featuring Todd Weinberger of “Inked Magazine” as guest judge.
Episode 5 • 02/14/2012
Game On
Shane fights to prove his skills to his competition and impress the judges in color tattoo challenges.
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about Ink Master Season 1
Hosted by rock legend Dave Navarro and judged by icons of the tattoo world, Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, 10 of the country's most creative and skilled tattoo artists descend on NYC to compete for a hundred thousand dollars and the title of Ink Master. The stakes couldn't be higher with 'Living Canvasses' donating their skin to be permanently marked in this adrenalized competition elimination.