Ink Master: Redemption
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Episode 1 • 06/06/2017
Declaration of Ink-Dependence
Two Canvases with political portraits return to the Ink Master shop to settle the score.
Episode 2 • 06/13/2017
Coach Cleen
Artists Ashley Velazquez and Tim Lees return for their shots at redemption.
Episode 3 • 06/20/2017
Third Time's The Charm
Hoping the third time is a charm, canvases twice screwed in the shop return to confront their artists.
Episode 4 • 07/11/2017
The Key to Redemption
Tensions run high when 2 angry canvases return to confront their artists from a botched team challenge.
Episode 5 • 07/18/2017
Bury the Redemption Hatchet
Three Ink Master Redemption veteran artists, Christian Buckingham, Duffy Fortner and Jime Litwalk return.
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about Ink Master: Redemption Season 4
Human canvases from previous Ink Master seasons who left unhappy with their tattoos return to the shop for a chance at new ink. Each episode will feature a different twist -- including the risk that your tattoo artist is the same one who gave you the original tattoo.