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Episode 8 • 12/19/2017
I Am Sam Kinison
Sam Kinison lived a life that ranged from the restrained to the excessive, the comic to the tragic, the sublime to the ridiculous; Learn about Kinison’s upbringing and rise to fame through candid stories from family, friends and colleagues.
Episode 7 • 05/17/2017
I Am Heath Ledger
The story of one of his generation’s brightest young actors; an immense talent who burst upon the Hollywood scene and rose quickly to the heights of fame before his shocking and unexpected death.
Episode 6 • 08/01/2016
I Am JFK Jr.
An engrossing look at the person behind the tabloid fodder featuring untold stories that, for the first time, will give viewers a true sense of the real JFK Jr.
Episode 5 • 08/10/2015
I Am Chris Farley
One of the iconic figures in the storied history of "Saturday Night Live", Chris Farley did everything past its limits. Now watch as the people who knew him best and loved him most reflect on the life of this comedic genius.
Episode 4 • 03/02/2015
I Am Dale Earnhardt
A rare peek into the life of late racing legend told from the perspective of those who knew him best.
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