Friends and family provide an intimate look at the legacy of actor Paul Walker, whose passion for life was cut short by a tragic accident.
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Episode 10 • 08/11/2018
I Am Paul Walker
Paul Walker's family and friends remember his adrenaline-filled life and legacy, from films including "The Fast and the Furious" franchise to his humbleness in giving back.
Episode 9 • 04/04/2018
I Am MLK Jr.
This feature documentary deeply explores Dr. King, his experience, his legacy and the Movement at large through key events – The Montgomery Bus Boycott, The Birmingham Campaign, March on Washington, the Selma Movement and Assassination and Legacy.
Episode 8 • 12/19/2017
I Am Sam Kinison
Sam Kinison lived a life that ranged from the restrained to the excessive, the comic to the tragic, the sublime to the ridiculous; Learn about Kinison’s upbringing and rise to fame through candid stories from family, friends and colleagues.
Episode 7 • 05/17/2017
I Am Heath Ledger
The story of one of his generation’s brightest young actors; an immense talent who burst upon the Hollywood scene and rose quickly to the heights of fame before his shocking and unexpected death.
Episode 6 • 08/01/2016
I Am JFK Jr.
An engrossing look at the person behind the tabloid fodder featuring untold stories that, for the first time, will give viewers a true sense of the real JFK Jr.
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