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Episode 10 • 07/16/2018
Breaking the Cycle
A fleeing motorcyclist crashes into an occupied trailer, a stubborn suspect plays dumb, and officers are disappointed when they run into a repeat offender.
Episode 9 • 07/09/2018
Burning Rubber
A fleeing vehicle leads an officer on a hot pursuit, a deputy encounters a nervous driver with a big secret, and a young cyclist tries to make a quick getaway.
Episode 8 • 07/02/2018
Out the Window
Police help a man evacuate a house fire, a high-speed chase yields only minor infractions, and an officer interrogates a parolee with meth in his car.
Episode 7 • 06/25/2018
Three's Company
Fort Bend, Texas, deputies arrest a man for possession of a crack pipe, and Michigan and Washington police both respond to domestic violence situations.
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This groundbreaking, raw and realistic series provides unprecedented access into the daily lives and work of police officers, constables and sheriff's deputies from across America.