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Episode 15 • 09/24/2017
Fake Friends
It's off to the races when an injured suspect spots his window of opportunity. A man bosses officers around after he's caught with some unsavory items. Detectives catch a man in a sting, but he still won't admit to his crime.
Episode 14 • 09/19/2017
Wedding Car Crasher
Witnesses call the cops when a well-dressed driver plows through multiple barricades.
Episode 13 • 09/12/2017
Set In His Ways
A repeat offender runs when officers catch him somewhere he's not supposed to be.
Episode 12 • 08/29/2017
Crawl Space Catnap
A fleeing suspect tries every lame excuse to get out of going to jail. A sleepy driver asks deputies to hide the truth from his angry wife. Police hear everyone's story when a trespassing call becomes a neighborhood-wide ordeal.
Episode 11 • 08/22/2017
I Used To Use My Brain
A first-time offender immediately regrets his destructive decisions. Nothing adds up when an evasive driver tells police that he's the victim of a crime. A deputy encourages a troubled young woman to turn her life around.
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"COPS", the seminal reality ride-along show that forever changed the TV landscape, has moved to its new "beat" on Paramount Network.