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Episode 22 • 11/13/2017
Fake Cash and Whiplash
A quiet neighborhood turns into the scene of a dangerous multi-vehicle pursuit. A man down on his luck tries to hide his guilt by ditching some clothes. Fists go flying when a shopkeeper confronts a man who ripped him off.
Episode 21 • 11/07/2017
Scaredy Cat
Officers subdue an erratic man who’s convinced that a wild animal is following him. A birthday celebration quickly goes south when guns get involved. Deputies help break up a volatile domestic situation.
Episode 20 • 10/30/2017
Face The Music
Officers glove up when they apprehend a skittish suspect with a serious skin condition. A father-to-be quickly learns that running only makes things worse. An aspiring rapper treats officers to a song after he ends up in cuffs.
about Cops
"COPS", the seminal reality ride-along show that forever changed the TV landscape, has moved to its new "beat" on Paramount Network.